I Have no Idea how to write but it is important becouse it is a way to be translate the concept or the idea. So I try a different way to writing. 



My mission is to use art as a factor of study: I think it could be thought of as an unofficial science constantly creating possibilities and new models. My perspective in the art is not a way to collect and beat it at auction, but it is a way to share it using everyday gestures, sounds, memories, objects in different ways to create new systems of meaning. As an artist, I don’t want to be such hieratic creating spaces for thinking, rules, or debate ideas, my practice of art is to show contradiction and paradox using art-unusual (different) contexts. I try to realize a Non Visible or hidden Art built on possibilities. My work could be manifest as if the public is conscious - of my study or of the meaning of my research- and this can create a real Art Work even if the action is a simple gesture. The gesture Is strictly linked with the intention of art, the meaning of the system created around it: and so everybody can do that gesture thinking about his-her abilities and the intentions behind it.